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Airfoil boat

Technical appearance OF wing-in-ground effect craft IGS SSS

The main element of IGS SSS will be dual-mode heavy WIG II generation with total takeoff weight of approx. 750 tons, the flight speed of 400-500 km / hour and range from the home base of 3000-4000 km. They are able to take off and land on water with waves up to 5 points inclusive (ie, when waves up to 3,5-4,0 m), which will exploit them in the open sea up to 95% of the time of the year (in terms of sea wave ). Dual Mode means that the airfoil (as opposed to single-mode WIG I generation, range of not more than 50 km) can be a long walk on the water surface and even to reach the port of refuge from any point of its location on the water low speed at a rate of approx. 15-20 knots, if for any reason you can not make a flight (because of the unrest of the sea, out of any systems, icing, etc.). Each winged can deliver to the scene a wide range of rescue equipment, ranging from self-propelled boats and rafts to the ship, the director booms from the oil spill, bathyscaphe and helicopters. On board the WIG before arriving at the port of victims can receive medical care at any level.

The wing-in-ground effect craft II generation IGS SSS (variant design).

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Constructor of the Russian Federation, EA Aframeev developed the concept of a dual-mode heavy-winged II generation based on the unique theories, experiments, technology and practical experience, which now already have the world's shipbuilding, aircraft and building of airfoil boats.

Plan of WIG IGS SSS with a fragment removed decks (design option).

Side view WIG IGS SSS (variant design).

Longitudinal section of the hull WIG IGS SSS (variant design).

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