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About committee


International Global System - Sea Safety System

Russia, St. - Petersburg             


Non-state organizing committee is developing a program to create the International Global
System - Maritime Security

based on dual-mode heavy wing-in-ground EFFECT CRAFTS II generation.

Basic principles:

The system is designed to support human activities at sea and will provide:

- Emergency rescue crews and passengers of ships, boats, submarines, aircraft, drilling platforms and other facilities in distress at sea;

- Emergency assistance to rescue themselves directly to hardware, delivery to the parties and their emergency rescue equipment;

- The first emergency aid for environmental disasters at sea and limiting the size of disaster assistance is delivered with appropriate facilities and emergency party;

- Production and ecological monitoring of seas and oceans;

- Conducting oceanographic and other research in seas and oceans;

- The protection of conservation areas of the seas and oceans;

- Implementation of international policing, combating sea piracy, etc.

As the system evolves SSS scope of its use will expand.

The ultimate aim of the Organising Committee is to initialize the establishment of an international consortium on the basis of broad cooperation of potential users of the IGS SSS, the leading ship-and aircraft-building project, and industrial companies, research organizations, insurance companies and other entities to further develop the dual-mode draft heavy winged II generation and the whole system.

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