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Organization of the IGS SSS


Non-state Organising Committee of the IGS SSS initiative is a non-profit social organization.

Members of the Organizing Committee consists of full members and his aides. The composition of the full members of the Organizing Committee is replenished from among his aides on the basis of such activity and initiatives.

Structure of the Organizing Committee:

  1. Chairman of the Organizing Committee, full members and associates.
  2. Investment Division (investors, preparation and dispatch of the necessary information, etc.).
  3. Department of translation (translation of materials and correspondence in foreign languages).
  4. Engineering department (technical information, technical proposals for infrastructure and ekranoplans IGS SSS).
  5. Technical department (equipment: computers, printers, scanners, fax machines, telephones, etc., software enhancement, etc.).
  6. Economic Department (budget of the Organizing Committee, calculations, etc.).
  7. Commercial Division (working space, furniture, repairs, etc.).
  8. Transportation Department (official transport, etc.).
  9. Secretary of the Organizing Committee.


Participants IGS SSS.

       Participants include members of the IGS SSS and assistants of the Organizing Committee and investors. Participants form a board of directors, central and local management of IGS SSS.



Active members of the Organizing Committee and his aides are working on a grant basis (the initial stage of program initialization IGS SSS). As the program is assumed conversion of the Organizing Committee in a public-private joint stock company.

Funding for development programs IGS SSS is expected from government sources in different countries, interested private organizations and individuals sponsored investments.

Investments can be made for four categories of participants (depending on the amount of future investment in the program):

      - Category "D" (informational) - participant only receives regular reports of the Central Directorate of IGS SSSon the progress of the program;

- Category "C" (Investment Information) - participant gets the opportunity to introduce and discuss with the leadership of the Central Directorate of IGS SSS their suggestions and recommendations on the program;

- Category "B" (investment) - participant gets the opportunity to directly participate in making collective decisions on program development IGS SSS

- Category "A" (director's) - participant becomes a member of the Board of Directors of IGS SSS with the authority to lead one of the directions of the program IGS SSS.

Levels of investment by category of participants will be determined later.


Privacy Policy.

At present, the actual members of the Organizing Committee and his assistants are: employees of a number of industrial companies, doctors and candidates of technical sciences, professors and teachers of a number of technical universities, graduate engineers and students.

 Prior to establishing official status of the Organizing Committee of the specific information about its members and helpers are confidential.


Invitation for cooperation.

Interested parties may participate in the development program IGS SSS as:

- Assistant Organizing Committee;

- Investor Program IGS SSS.

On his desire to participate in the program (if, as investors - with the alleged indication of a category) can be stated in the Guest Book on the Contacts page of this site, indicating their e-mail addresses for subsequent notices or to report mail to the address E-mail: sssaea@yandex.ru (with the obligatory indication of the subject e-mail the words "IGS SSS").

According to the same address, you can ask questions.

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