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The structure of the IGS SSS

In accordance with the concept the International Global System will consist of 12 - 13 ports - bases in the Far East, South - East Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America, Australia and some 50 heavy WIG placed in them. The above-mentioned number of ports, bases, allows taking into account the range of WIG, a security system to cover all major areas of the world shipping, fishing, intensive use of aviation, mining and transportation of oil and other minerals, etc. The presence in each base 3 - 4 WIG provide, upon receipt of distress signal or other targeting, an immediate departure 1 - 2 of them to the scene and the solution of the problem within a few hours.

It appears that in conjunction with the COSPAS - SARSAT, Inmarsat and GLONASS system IGS SSS able to form only effective at present and in the foreseeable future complex systems, ensuring the safety of human activities in the seas and oceans. IGS SSS system will be seamlessly combined and interact with the national rescue and other structures of the world community.

Placing bases IGS SSS and it refers zone
(Dots indicate sites of accidents involving vessels).

Total cost to build 50 units of heavy WIG and the entire infrastructure of IGS SSS estimated at 10 - 12 billion dollars, which is quite capable of the world community. Today, material losses only owners and only on the loss of ships annually are 1 - 2 billion dollars, lower losses and bear the consignee. With accidents and loss of ships carrying oil and other dangerous goods, related costly environmental consequences. In addition, in order to gradually develop a system SMB and embedding the necessary funds, its creation can be started with the organization of 2 - 3 bases and the construction of 8 - 10 heavy WIG. Reducing the cost of a system can be achieved through the use of existing ports and bases, placing WIG near floating terminals, etc.

For Russia, the development of SSS is of interest primarily in two regions - in the Barents Sea - North Atlantic Ocean and the Okhotsk Sea - West Pacific.
In each of them enough of a single item based on 3 - 4 units of WIG in each paragraph. Except for Russia to finance the establishment of these regional offices, in the first place, must participate Scandinavia, Iceland, Britain, Japan and China, respectively. The total cost of the two-point home and WIG for them could reach 1,2 - 1,4 billion dollars. Merely indicative costs of Russia as a participant in the international cooperation on the issue of the IGS SSS can be estimated at 300 - 400 million dollars. These funds will be spent mostly on the participation of Russian enterprises and organizations of the same in the design and construction of the WIG and infrastructure SSS. In this budget allocation should be performed only by a fraction of the establishment and operation of SSS in the interest of the Navy and other government agencies. The main funding for the development of SSS should be implemented on a commercial basis, as well as its subsequent operation.

Learn more about IGS SSS and dual-mode heavy ekranoplans II generation can be found at the site http://www.experiment.web-box.ru, dedicated the book Ph.D. Aframeeva EA Experimental hydrodynamics and materials to the design of high speed vessels to dynamically support new types (including transient and single-planing vessels and catamarans, catamarans with hydrodynamic unloading, single-hull vessels and catamaran hydrofoil catamaran with aerostatic unloading of amphibious hovercraft, WIG).


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